Hoshti Goshtas (rpeate) wrote in zeautoparts,
Hoshti Goshtas

ZAP Latest

I was just treated to a sneak preview of the two new songs to be unveiled at tomorrow night's gig at the Echo in Echo Park (9:30 p.m. sharp--they will be performing on time), "My Best Friend Louie" and "White Boots". Suffice it to say: fucking awesome. If you are in town and can make it, you must go!

"My Best Friend Louie" has a killer stop-start progression, classic ZAP vocal interplay, and a--dare I say it?--lovely bridge.

"White Boots", Nascar's tribute to Lemmy of Motorhead (with whom she just spent the bulk of this year touring as a member of Slunt), has the heaviest groove since the Stooges, and a chilling guitar hook courtesy of LaLa Damage. It will be in my head for the rest of the night.

They're going to unveil new costumes tomorrow night also. They're going Vegas in sequins!

On November 28 the Parts will be back in the studio recording new tracks! Yours truly will be there to document the proceedings for your exclusive pleasure.

Rock on!

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