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Hoshti Goshtas

Tuesday Night at the Echo in Echo Park, Part III

The last of three posts in a series.

My second-favorite shot of Mo from the night.

"You talkin' to me?"

These are all pretty similar, but they're all good to me!

My favorite rockers in Los Angeles!

Starting the first performance of "White Boots", Nascar's tribute to Lemmy of Motorhead.

I think this shot gives a sense of the action, the constant flashing by the several photographers who were there,
the motion of the band.

It was just a fun gig.

I feel bad because I got only couple of LaLa (Fluffy), and I got none of Black. Next time, I swear!

* * *

The set list from the night's show, compiled by Steve whose last name I do not know:

Gay Lover
Parking Enforcement
My Best Friend Louie (DEBUT PERFORMANCE)
He's So Pretty (And I'm So Mean)
Runaway Romance
Drinkin' Whiskey and Makin' Out
Mexico City

* * *

And then, of course, there was the hot new clothing and FLAIR.

You know you want it ALL.

Rock and roll!

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