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reef, nude groupie & the new EP!

[This just in from the Parts--and yes, it is true--I saw the nude man with my own eyes!]

the tension was high at REEF RECORDING in TORRANCE, CA as we, ze auto parts, burned through our queue of songs for that night. the first night of recording our new EP...

it was midnight. a water/booze/caffeine/andotherjunk break was needed after 3 songs. nerves were still on high. we were relieved we got a break. we began to gather our cash... then motor runs in, "there's a NUDE guy outside!"

oh yes. a nude ze auto parts groupie found us. he was smitten. and it was cold. he was covering his privates and the cops were after him. before we could give him autographs, the fuzz pulled up and howled him away.

we felt bad. he didn't get to hear any of the new songs or share his drugs w/ us. (i mean he was running around nude, he must've been ON drugs...right?!). not that we'd want them..we just thought...if he was gonna share, we would't be rude.

after nudie was ushered away (could this be him?) and we filled our bodies w/ the necessities of rock. we finished the night. bongos and all!

we recorded:

-mexico city (including the killer bongos on that one!)
-white boots
-parking enforcement
-my best friend louie
-he's so pretty

we were very pleased w/ the outcome. we go back in tonight to overdub add'tl guitars. then we've gotta wait until january to record vocals. (motor and lala are going to india for the month of december! guess what you're all gettin for xmas...that's right sari's!).

well then.
more stuff to come...

love and gullet rock,
ze auto parts

ps if you don't have NEW YEAR'S EVE plans...book a room and c'mon down to VEGAS where we'll be headlining a night of DIRTY ROCK at our favorite dive bar THE DOUBLE DOWN SALOON! oh yes!!!! do it!

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